If you could look over the shoulder of every shopper on your site, what do you think you'd learn about your store?

  • How much time it takes to make a decision about a certain product?
  • How much is 'too much' when it's time to check out?
  • What you might recommend to that shopper if they came through the doors again?
  • What could learn about your shoppers when you saw every cart, including anonymous shoppers not just the signed-in users?

With DARWIN's Cart History Viewer, you can do all that and more.

Historic Cart Viewer Graph

How is this different than cart information already available in platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento and more?

DARWIN is all about actionable information, meaning that every datapoint we provide to store owners is something you can use to improve your sales conversion rate.

Shopify already offers a snapshot of successful and abandoned carts, but the final shape of the cart only tells part of the story. Every shopper takes a journey on your store - leading some to abandon their carts and others to making a purchase. If we know more about that first journey, we can help make the second journey more likely - making you more money in the process.

With a full view of every action made in your shoppers' carts, you can:

  • Identify 'deal-breakers' in your inventory and adjust price or availability
  • Discover cart patterns that frequently occur in successful sales and make special Collections
  • Create actionable talking and messaging points for your follow-up outreach
  • Track cart information from anonymous sessions - not just your identified users
Historic Cart Viewer Graph

There's an enormous amount of information - and money - to be had with DARWIN's Cart History Viewer.