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App & Technology

What are the installation steps?

To get started, reach out to the DAR.WIN customer team at: info@dar.win.

We're not kidding - it's that easy.

How does it work (non-technical)?

DAR.WIN automatically customizes your webshop based upon who is visiting. Artificial Intelligence-powered product recommendations and metrics allow you to increase webshop sales without lifting a finger.

How does it work (technical)?

In short, DAR.WIN injects a script into your site’s theme files and uses browser cookies to track their activity on your site. It also imports traffic, order, and product data and uses machine learning models to develop an understanding of your users and site content. Over time, DAR.WIN will learn more about user behavior and improve its effectiveness.

As your model matures, Visitor Profiles are developed and refined to more precisely target identified visitors with inventory matching their Profile’s historical patterns.

What determines which products are shown to which customers?

Great question! We mentioned 'modeling' which is the technical term for the process where DAR.WIN takes in data about user interactions, assesses what kinds of actions were performed in relation to previous actions from the same or similar users, and incorporates that knowledge to its Recommendation Engine.

Each product has a PRI - Product Recommendation Index. The PRI is a score that DAR.WIN creates in its modeling and applies to products when recommendations are needed. In simple terms, if a tent is recommended in a DAR.WIN widget and then is clicked and added to cart, then DAR.WIN increases the PRI for that tent product with a positive marker (indicating that it's a product that is proven to sell). If another product is seen but not selected, or is clicked on but not added to cart, then different markers - positive or negative - are assigned. These markers create a weighted set of scores for products, which are then organized into Visitor Profiles by keyword and user interaction.

If a product has a positive PRI and is eligible for recommendation based on the product being viewed, it will be shown to the customer with a higher probability of sale than manually created cross-sale options.

So, DAR.WIN's 'smarts' come from constant, real-time adjustments to a product's PRI - the higher the index number, the more strongly a product will be associated with a particular visitor profile and will be shown more frequently on products sharing that visitor profile. For a good look at which products have the highest PRIs for a particular Visitor Profile, check out the Visitor Profile Explorer in your dashboard.

Product Details

Is there a long-term commitment if I sign up?

No! All plans are month-to-month with no long-term commitment required.

Try us out - the dashboard makes it incredibly easy to see money from sales that come directly from DAR.WIN, taking the guesswork out of ROI.

Does DAR.WIN have access to my users’ financial data?

No. DAR.WIN only accesses basic order history information. We do not access or store any credit card information. Every last bit of DAR.WIN’s technology runs on highly secure Amazon servers - your safety and the security of your shoppers is a non-negotiable for our team.

Does DAR.WIN share my information with any third parties?

No way! We come in peace!

Do DAR.WIN recommendations work on mobile sites?

Yes, the recommendations widget is designed to work on desktop, tablet, and mobile sizes. We offer customization options for the appearance of the widget at different dimensions as well, meaning we work great with Shopify themes that have multiple responsive breakpoints.

Can I add my own additional customization to the recommendations widget?

Some users may want to add more advanced styling options to their recommendations. By default, DAR.WIN inherits many style attributes from your theme, meaning it automatically looks like your shop out of the box. It is also easy for a front-end developer to take the customization a step further. Contact support if you need additional assistance!