Much more than a suggestion

Offer the most advanced product recommendations on your webshop with DAR.WIN and experience eCommerce Evolved.

Using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence - the same technology behind self-driving cars and popular voice assistants like Siri and Alexa - DAR.WIN predicts which products your customers are most likely to buy. Over time, DAR.WIN’s knowledge about your customers and your products evolves to make the best* product recommendations possible!

*By best, we mean highest value and highest likelihood to buy!

Product Recommendations

DAR.WIN’s product recommendations use specialized machine learning models to increase the amount each individual shopper is likely to buy from your store. These models identify commerce patterns that most people would never notice, enabling cross-sale recommendations and product pairings that are quantitatively proven to work best.

Want a deeper dive into your data? Get access to JSON in real-time for custom styling and functionality, and try our user-friendly Recommendations Widget to place DAR.WIN's product recommendations right onto your webshop, your newsletters, and even your brick and mortar storefront.

Visitor Profiles

Imagine instantly customizing your entire webshop based upon who is visiting it - DAR.WIN helps you do just that!

DAR.WIN automatically scans your shop to generate Visitor Profiles that match your shoppers’ common behaviors. As people explore your site, DAR.WIN will watch their interactions and classify them as a member of one of your Visitor Profiles. With every click and every page view, DAR.WIN gets a better understanding of your visitors and how they are most likely to shop.

If you were an outdoor gear retailer, imagine how your homepage might change if the visitor was a ‘Hiker’ or a ‘Canoer’, or even a ‘Gift Buyer’? How might that change your marketing? How you send your newsletters? What deals you might offer to increase sales for high value items?

DAR.WIN combines Visitor Profiles that you define along with our own custom-formulated visitor and product profiles to help train machine learning models. This training process is continuous - learning to become more accurate with every visit - and is used to make more personalized product recommendations to your customers directly through our Recommendations Widget.

Visualize the number of visitors for each visitor profile. Peer into the behavior of visitors by seeing where they are coming from, and what products they are viewing.
That’s eCommerce evolved.

Cart History Viewer

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, and 100% of the sales you don’t make - even if the customer was almost ready to buy before backing out. By using DAR.WIN's exclusive Cart History Viewer, you can replay abandoned cart sessions and gain insight into the common behaviors and pain points for unconverted sales sessions.

See what products were added to a visitor's cart, and in what order — even by anonymous users that didn't complete a purchase - to make powerful adjustments to your strategy. A customer who was ready to buy is a customer who needs the least convincing to make the leap during their next visit. Use DAR.WIN to make it easy for them - and for yourself.

DAR.WIN Recommendations Widget

DAR.WIN’s Product Recommendations Widget is fully customizable to match your site’s look and feel, with no coding required. We give you control over unique layouts for desktop, tablet, and mobile to appeal to different audiences and optimize the shopping experience on all devices. Plus, the dashboard widget allows you to preview the recommendations in real-time as your shopper would see them.

Interested in greater customization of styling and functionality? The Recommendation Widget is built to allow developers to easily add their own flourish as well! We’ll give you the brains, and you supply the beauty.

Powerful Machine Learning Tools

Machine Learning is a phrase you may be noticing more and more, and in spite of the complex mechanics that go into making it work, the results are simple - patterns, observations and strategies that span millions of data points, available for you in seconds. When you add DAR.WIN to your store, you get the best of a personal shopper and a super computer rolled into one - a beautiful, unobtrusive, and highly effective package.

DAR.WIN helps you succeed by generating data from your site to build machine learning models geared to your specific content and users. As your site provides more data in real-time, DAR.WIN retrains itself automatically to improve the accuracy and effectiveness in predicting user behavior and intent. Those predications get translated into product cross-sales and strategies you may have never considered in a million years,- luckily, DAR.WIN does the heavy lifting, curating your inventory into sales packages that increase yield and conversion with every passing moment.

Features Chart
Features Dashboard

The Dashboard

All users get access to a secure, personalized dashboard, where they can view daily and historic metrics on the performance of your online shop.

Combining sharp design, fluid User Interactions, actionable data visualization, and meaningful admin tools, the DAR.WIN Dashboard is a dream to use. The insights you learn from your dashboard will make you a better marketer - and a more effective shoprunner - without exception.

Picture of Eye

Visualize the Influence

You can view the daily impact of DAR.WIN on your users’ behaviors. You’ll know how many DAR.WIN recommendations are being clicked on by your customers, how many are added to cart, and how many are purchased.

Observe seasonal and year-over-year sales patterns, shuffle your prices and sales descriptions for tastier product offerings, and show off your store’s success.

Cart icon

Rewind Shopper Sessions

The Cart History Viewer helps you take a peek into how your customers make purchasing decisions. You can play back individual shoppers adding and removing things from their carts to see what items were selected, and in what order.

With that kind of knowledge, you can adjust your sales strategy to align with how your shoppers make their choices, and help them commit to a purchase.