Online Publications

Content Curation perfect for your users... and your business.

Your online publication hinges on creating a devoted - and lucrative - readership. Don't leave it to chance - leave it to DAR.WIN: Personalized Publications Evolved.

Modern online publications have dozens of audiences - and even more verticals for their content - to consider when promoting leading content. The wrong above-the-fold content could mean losing readership from new visitors before you even had the chance to promote your content, or alienating repeat visitors who come to your site for a specific portion of what you publish. More invested readers translate to greater advertising and subscription revenue, while reducing churn. DAR.WIN is, simply put, a readership-investment engine.

DAR.WIN applies Artifical Intelligence and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to scan the entirety of your site content to generate Visitor Profiles matching common user journeys. Then, using Content Recommendation widgets perfectly matching your site's brand, promotes content curated to each visitor - even anonymous ones. Additionally, by using First-Party Data like user device and geolocation, DAR.WIN can further alter the user experience and design of your site to best accommodate each visitor with personalized content. Better yet, DAR.WIN is 100% ADA and GDPR compliant, with many features that don't require the use of cookies at all.

Hit your KPIs and grow your base with DAR.WIN's tools for online publishers.

Content Recommendations

Have verticals that appeal to Finance Professionals as well as Tech Professionals? Help new and returning users find the content on your site that engages them most - and help them towards a signup, subscription, or share. DARWIN identifies visitor patterns and intentions from the first moment that they hit the site, fine-tuning their journey through your site’s most relevant and actionable content.

Sign Up Widget

Signing up for anything your site offers - newsletters, subscription content, contest entries - is one of the strongest indicators of an invested visitor. What if you could tie that sign up to a robust body of behavioral information about each engaged user who submits their information? DAR.WIN's Sign Up Widget does just that, pairing standard functionality like connecting to your email provider of choice with the library of user information in your Intelligence Dashboard and Visitor Profiles. DAR.WIN makes the sign-up handraise more meaningful, more information-rich, more actionable, and more personal, so you can increase the value of every single sign-up conversion.

Footer Widget

Putting these content recommendations in front of your customers is crucial - that's why we've built a companion Footer Widget you can publish to any page or article on your site.

Interested in greater customization of styling and functionality? The Footoer Recommendation Widget is built to allow developers to easily add their own flourish as well! We’ll give you the brains, and you supply the beauty. Learn more about DAR.WIN's incredible AI-powered recommendation engine here: How It Works

Visitor Exporter

From the moment you begin using DAR.WIN, you'll begin building an enormous data store about your audiences. That data - in the form of Visitor Profiles, most successful posts per audience, timing of interactions from different types of users - is rocket fuel for your marketing strategy. That's why we built the Visitor Exporter, which allows you to target your different audiences precisely with content perfectly attuned to them in their own inbox.

The Visitor Exporter lets you create robust .csv files for use on any marketing platform. DAR.WIN doesn't hold you data hostage - in fact, we strive to make DAR.WIN's rich analytics easy to integrate into any strategy or SaaS platforms you already use. We simply make them more effective.

Learn more about DAR.WIN's Visitor Exporter for Publishers

Post Highlighter

With all the time and money you'll save and the insights about your audiences you'll get as a DAR.WIN user, you might want to experiment with new kinds of promotions and cross-posts. With the DAR.WIN Post Highlighter, you can place hand-picked content front and center along with the content recommendations DAR.WIN already automatically provides.

For each unique visitor profile, you can select posts to display inline with automated content recommendations. These posts will get the promotional benefit of being viewed along with other highly desirable content determined by DAR.WIN, and will display everywhere your content recommendation widget does. It's one of the fastest ways to test out new contennt to your various audiences, republish older posts, and promote special sales and events.

Learn more about DAR.WIN's Post Highlighter for Publishers

Performance Superiority

Most Data Management Platforms take hours to return insights about user activity occurring in real time - long after you can make in-the-moment decisions to target and convert your audience. Many that offer swifter service do so at the expense of the user by running complex, battery-draining code on the user's device.

DAR.WIN is the answer for publications that want real-time information without paralyzing a user's on-site and in-device experience. We leverage powerful cloud edge computing technologies to crunch numbers and provide actionable data, saving time and costs for our clients. And, our app performance isn't the only part of DAR.WIN that's supercharged for speed - you'll be seeing user data pour in the same day you sign your contract with us. DAR.WIN setup and integration takes less than two hours to become fully operational for your publication, and collects data from all browsers and devices out of the box.

Features Dashboard

The Dashboard

All users get access to a secure, personalized dashboard, where they can view daily and historic metrics on the performance of your online publication.

Combining sharp design, fluid User Interactions, actionable data visualization, and meaningful admin tools, the DAR.WIN Dashboard is a dream to use. The insights you learn from your dashboard will make you a better marketer - and a more effective publisher - without exception.

Line graph

Visualize the Influence

You can view the daily impact of DAR.WIN on your users’ behaviors. You’ll know how many DAR.WIN recommendations are being clicked on by your visitors, how many interact with your calls to action, and how many conversions are achieved.

Observe seasonal and year-over-year traffic patterns, shuffle your highlighted verticals and visuals for expanded readership, and show off your site's success.

Pie chart icon

Supercharge your Audience Segments

With rich insights about your content and how your visitors engage with it, you can partition larger Visitor Profiles into more focused segments, or combine Visitor Profiles that have a significant cross-over.

Why is that such an important new benefit to your logistics and publication strategy? You can stay on top of readership trends and prepare a content strategy to engage those trends which would be otherwise invisible.