DAR.WIN personalizes your webshop based upon who is visiting your webshop. Using advanced web tracking and session calculations, DAR.WIN observes your customers behavior. When the user hits a page with product recommendations, DAR.WIN predicts what best products to show based upon the traits of the visitor. DAR.WIN’s product recommendation have lead to a 15% to 20% increase in products being added to a user’s cart!

Over time, the system becomes more intelligent, accurately predicting who will click on what recommendation, and which user groups are interested in different products. This technology lets you connect your users to groups of products in ways that conventional categories cannot.

DAR.WIN will track and use a variety of information about the performance of your webshop. This includes looking at your products, your previous orders and customers.

DAR.WIN will also modify your product theme page to include our DAR.WIN Recommendations widget. This will add a customizable slider to your Product Detail Pages