DAR.WIN personalizes your webshop based upon who is visiting and how they behave. Using advanced web tracking and session calculations, DAR.WIN observes customer interactions during every store session, making patterns and connections to learn about your store. When the user hits a page with product recommendations, DAR.WIN predicts what best products to show based upon traits predicted about that visitor. DAR.WIN’s product recommendation have lead to a 23% increase in products being added to a user’s cart!

DAR.WIN is looking at a variety of factors about your online shop, and your visitors and customers.

Specifically, DAR.WIN tracks:

  • What site or source your visitors come from
  • Which pages and products your visitors go to
  • What products your visitors visit
  • Which products are added to carts
  • What products are added to carts
  • Which products are purchased (variation, price, quantity)
  • Where the visitor was visiting from
  • Where the order was shipped to

DAR.WIN then scans your site using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to build a context for each of your pages and products. The system then uses our proprietary Machine Learning models to predict what type of visitors come to your site.

DAR.WIN's proprietary machine learning models are re-trained regularly with new information about your users to get more intelligent over time.

You can define custom Visitor Profiles with our Visitor Creator that allow you to group the visitors of your site into different profiles. For example, if you sell outdoor gear, you may want to define a "Hiker" or a "Canoer". For a Hiker, you could specify terms like 'Map', 'Trek', 'Hiking pole', and others that DAR.WIN will use to help identify a visitor of this type. You can add and remove terms over time to find sweet spots in your visitor types. DAR.WIN uses the analysis of our NLP scan to suggest keywords that might be relevant for this visitor type.

These are some of the core features of DAR.WIN, but not the entirety of the platform — we're adding new features all the time! Follow us on social media to stay in the loop!