Trends are long, but deals are this weekend only.

If you have a new product or a special deal and the time to promote is now, waiting for a drastic adjustment in your recommendations* won’t cut it.

That’s where the DAR.WIN Product Highlight comes in.

Product Highlight Animation

DAR.WIN Product Highlight allows you to select an item for each of your unique Visitor Profiles and list it first. Along with the ability to modify the display text, share it on social media directly from the widget and provide promotional text to show why that product is a must see for your visitors, DAR.WIN Product Highlight allows you to combine the strength and data-backed accuracy of algorithmic product recommendations with your organic know-how as a shop owner. Essentially, this allows you to combine different kinds of recommendations apps into one widget, saving space and improving user experience.

The DAR.WIN Product Highlight can be selected and edited in real time from your Visitor Profile creator page. Bring your best and brightest to the front of the line with Product Highlights, and let DAR.WIN’s celebrated machine-learning intelligence personalize the rest automatically.

*One of the many benefits that DAR.WIN introduces to your store is hands-free recommendation generation. Instead of sifting through your inventory and hand-picking items for cross-sale on every piece of inventory (or relying on superficial product information), DAR.WIN continuously assesses shopper behavior to optimize and personalize recommendations automatically for each visitor type. These recommendations come from machine learning models (algorithms), and always show the best data your shopper trends can provide.