We are pleased to announce a series of improvements to our recommendation engine. We’ve been working on these changes for a few weeks, and believe they will enhance the experience of using the DAR.WIN platform.

Visitor Profiles

It is more important than ever to customize your Visitor Profiles in the dashboard. DAR.WIN uses these to understand your visitors and the products they’re interested in.

Head over to the Visitor Profiles Creator

Using Terms

Each Visitor Profile should have a series of terms associated with it. These terms are used to create an understanding of the types of content your users are interested in. We generate a list of suggestions to help you get started, but we encourage you to take the time to categorize your customer base with this tool.

Use suggested terms or add your own

Other Enhancements

Accuracy and Responsiveness

Recommendations have always been heavily reliant on our ability to identify and categorize your visitors. One challenge with this approach is the need to respond when visitors change their behavior unexpectedly. DAR.WIN is now more capable of understanding when a visitor changes their priorities while they’re on your site.

Good for brand new sites

Providing good recommendations is a challenge if your site is new or has very little content. We have made some changes which should do a better job of generating recommendations right out of the gate.

Speed and Stability

We have made changes to improve the speed with which DAR.WIN provides recommendations, and the overall stability of the system.

All of these changes are live now and already working on your site. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact DAR.WIN Support.