We are pleased to announce a series of new features and improvements to the DAR.WIN platform.

Automatic Visitor Profiles

It’s important to maintain visitor profiles that are relevant to your users and content, but we’ve found that it’s difficult for our users to get the process started. DAR.WIN will now automatically analyze your content and provide a starting set of Visitor Profiles. From here, you can modify the ones we’ve created for you, or add new ones at your discretion.

Incomplete Carts

What are your users thinking of buying? It can be difficult to figure out what your customers are doing on your site if they don’t complete a purchase. We’ve added a new interface to the Carts page. You can see the entire history of every user’s incomplete or abandoned cart on your site. This information is a good starting point for converting incomplete carts into complete ones.


We’ve added a new notification system to the DAR.WIN client. DAR.WIN will automatically detect anything that you need to do to improve its effectiveness. There are also a few notifications you’ll see when things are working well. Notifications will appear at the top of certain pages, or can be viewed in the Notification page.

General UI Improvements

We have made changes to improve the overall usability of the DAR.WIN client.

All of these changes are live now and already working on your site. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact DAR.WIN Support.