DARWIN is a perfect sales accelerant for dropshippers. We set up an easy guide to help people get started with our preferred dropshipping stack - Shopify + Oberlo + DARWIN

If you follow DARWIN on our social media accounts (like Facebook and Twitter), you might have noticed that we’ve begun posting some handy guides on DARWIN’s Medium page. We want to continue to create outstanding resources not just for DARWIN users, but for anyone engaging in eCommerce professionally or as a hobbyist.

We’re excited to share our new four-part series on how to use DARWIN to enhance cross sales and product recommendations on dropshipping sites, using Shopify and Oberlo as the platform to run a store and maintain inventory easily.

Part 1: Dropshipping with Shopify + Oberlo + DARWIN

We kick things off with a quick overview on what dropshipping is, the barriers to entry that some people face, and how the Shopify + Oberlo + DARWIN stack makes getting started fast, easy and lucrative. Read it here.

Part 2: Installing Shopify

Next, we go through the (very simple) steps of getting a new Shopify store set up as our blank canvas. In case you didn’t know, Shopify is free to try (all elements of this article series are), so if you’re on the fence, this is a good place to start. Read it here.

Part 3: Building a Well-Rounded Inventory with Oberlo

Oberlo is an outstanding service for Shopify that helps shop owners populate their store with dropshipping inventory and automates fulfillment. You can start selling dozens of items in just a few minutes with Oberlo’s tools - and add DARWIN to the mix to increase cart value. Read it here.

Part 4: Cross Sales and Product Recommendations with DARWIN

Finally, we get to add a bit of fuel to the fire by introducing DARWIN to our store to enhance in-shop sales strategy and increase cart value. Dropshipping can be a discipline of massive inventory management and niche understanding of product relationships - DARWIN’s Machine Learning processes take the guesswork out of all of that for shop owners. Read it here.

Take a few minutes and try out our Dropshipping stack - you could make a bit of passive income or discover a new passion, and it’s never been easier to start with our tools!

As always, we welcome any feedback you may have on your experience thus far. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at support (a) dar.win.

The DAR.WIN Team