DAR.WIN is an incredible tool that has a proven track record of success for dozens of shops. Now, we’re ready to introduce the DAR.WIN Software Developement Kit - opening DAR.WIN’s suite of advanced ecommerce tools to users on all platforms for any custom application!

Interested in beta-testing with early access and plan rebates?
Contact our VP of Product at jim (a) dar.win for more details.

Core Definition

**The **DAR.WIN SDK (Software Development Kit) is a collection of digital tools that allow developers to customize and apply the DAR.WIN machine learning recommendation engine to ecommerce shops on any platform in many flexible ways.**

How is it different from what’s currently available?

The DAR.WIN core product can be thought of as an off-the-shelf solution for users looking for a low-effort, high-yield product with limited editability. More advanced users or those with access to developers can make use of the SDK to use DAR.WIN’s core intelligence and functionalities in any way they can imagine, adding and extending the placement, aesthetics and functionality of DAR.WIN’s recommendation widget on their website.

Who can use the DAR.WIN SDK?

Anyone with a valid DAR.WIN license for a plan inclusive of access to the SDK can use and apply it to their shop. SDK access is similar to other DAR.WIN, and in a larger context, to other Saas/Paas featuresets - access and usage limits are dictated by subscription levels. We are currently receiving requests for beta users.

When and where can the DAR.WIN SDK be used?

DAR.WIN is committed to releasing a stable, robust SDK at initial launch. Our SDK will be open to beta users by the first week of July 2018, with a more publicly available launch at the end of that month.

As for ‘where’, DAR.WIN’s SDK opens our product to the entire ecommerce community. Our core product is already available in the Shopify store, and the SDK paves the way for DAR.WIN applications in Magento, Wordpress sites using WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Ecwid, Cart 66, and many other platforms. The SDK will even allow for shop owners running bespoke or self-built ecommerce systems to access DAR.WIN’s machine learning intelligence. In short, if you’re running an ecommerce site, DAR.WIN’s SDK is yours to enjoy.

Can I feature what I’ve done with the SDK on DAR.WIN’s site?

Absolutely! We’re excited to showcase the variety of applications and environments this SDK will open up. Contact us at hello (a) dar.win to secure a feature spot on our site.

Does this mean the DAR.WIN core platform is dead?

Absolutely not! SDKs are incredibly extensible tools, but not right for everyone. DAR.WIN’s most attractive quality to date has been our ability to make sophisticated machine learning models and data representations available to users of any budget or expertise level. We intend to continue to build an incredible off-the-shelf product for users looking for that kind of solution, while inviting the developer community in to explore and experiment with the SDK.

We will be providing frequent updates on development and availability for our SDK. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Medium for more updates.

As always, we welcome any feedback you may have on your experience thus far. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at support (a) dar.win.

The DAR.WIN Team