Facebook Lookalike Audiences are one of the most powerful tools available to ecommerce entrepreneurs looking to build a wider customer base. They allow you use contacts you’ve already made in your shop as a model - based on demographics, interests, location and more - that matches you to Facebook accounts of millions of other users who fit that model but may not have been targeted by your marketing before. With a Lookalike Audience, you can market to these untouched potential shoppers over Facebook and Instagram networks to vastly improve your reach.

Making a Lookalike Audience all starts with a list - and that’s where DAR.WIN’s Customer Exporter comes into play as the perfect source. By exporting a list of contacts from one of your Visitor Profiles, you have an incredible headstart for your Lookalike Audience. That’s because you already know that everyone in that Visitor Profile has been qualified and confirmed by DAR.WIN’s algorithm to be interested in certain products in your store - outerware, kitchen gear, toys, electronics. The more specific your Visitor Profile, the more likely the Lookalike Audience based on those users will be receptive to your specific product marketing.

That means more highly target marketing outreach from the very first touch. That means personalization before a shopper has ever seen your site. The means a lower cost per acquisition on your ad spend and a higher likelihood to convert visitors into paying customers.

Learn how you can get started with DAR.WIN’s Customer Exporter and Facebook Lookalike Audiences with our step-by-step walkthrough:

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